Designer with knowledge and proficiency in the creation and development of projects that involve research, concept production and user experience design.

Steve Serrano

Initially influenced by nineteenth- and twentieth-century music illustration and literature, Serrano has been drawn to the search for individuality and self-definition. In that moment he has found keys that open the door to design and acquired an optic that led him to be interested in areas such as semiotics, cultural analysis and human perception.

Steve Serrano has been a professor at such prestigious institutions as the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, La Salle University and Los Libertadores University. While teaching at these institutions, he also applied his professional knowledge in developing academic and communication projects there and at the University of Los Andes and the National Pedagogical University.

Currently Mr. Serrano is dedicated to reviewing, creating and enhancing projects for private clients. During his leisure time, he explores literature as well as experimental genres of music and illustration. In these areas he finds and understands meaningful aspects of the cultural context.